Save $$ On Your Phone Bill

We make sure that the phone bill does not burden your pocket. By switching to a VoIP business phone system, you can save up to 60% on your monthly phone bill.

Keep Your Phone Numbers

When you switch to Press8, we will immediately start porting your current phone numbers for you. In addition, we will set you up with your own concierge who will set up all your users, calling trees, and features for you.

Custom Setup & Training

In addition, once you are a new Press8 customer, we will assign a setup specialist for you. They will set up a VoIP PBX system for your small business, and make the process an easy one.

Enterprise Features

Press8 Telecom offers over 50 free enterprise features to boost your small business. Thus, they can finally compete with the giants of the industry.

Unlimited Scalability

It is not only your business that needs scaling, but rather your phone as well. With Press8, you can add or remove features or users quickly and easily.

No Busy Signals

Are you tired of losing customers because they keep getting a busy signal? At   Press8 we offer Auto-Expanding Lines, which means your callers never get a busy signal.

Experience the Press8 Phone System Advantage

Never miss another business call
with a Press8 Telecom VoIP
business phone system.

Press8 Telecom is Better

  • VoIP Phone System Experts
  • Award Winning Customer Support
  • More Powerful Features
  • Custom Setup and Maintenance

What our VoIP business phone system customers have to say

“Press8 got our office set up with a system specific to our needs and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Top-notch customer service at a fair price. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a VOIP business phone system.”

Dane R. Cuppett

ATX Process

“Press8’s VoIP Business phone service allowed us to get our business up and running instantly, even before we had a physical location for our office! The service is extremely affordable as well …”

Karl Peters

DIE Creative

“Our clinic has been with Press8 for over 3 years now. [Press8] is prompt to address any concern or change request we have. We very much rely on our phone messages for scheduling and rescheduling our patients. Therefore, we would like to give a big Thank You to Press8 for the excellent service.”

Kathy Rodela

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists

“We have used Press8 since their company was started. They always provide us with first-rate quality, service, pricing, and simple billing. Their system is easy to understand, and the settings are simple and intuitive. And, when we have questions or need assistance, they’re always Johnny on the Spot.”

George Lindenberg

Cleanscapes Inc.

“Having found ourselves in a position to replace our phone system, Press8 proved to be our best choice. Since high quality is most important to our firm, we want to share our great experience so far with our Press8 VOIP phone system… our Press8 VOIP business phone system has definitely delivered.”

Ali Kahataw, P.E.

Encotech Engineering Consultants

“Our law firm has been using Press8 for almost a year now and we are extremely satisfied with the system, the customer service and the ease of use. The features are user-friendly and tailored to meet our firm’s needs. Therefore, I would recommend Press8 to anyone looking for a state-of-the-art phone system.”

Stephen M. Putonti

Putonti Law Firm

“We are entering our second year with Press8 and we are a happy customer. There is some complexity with respect to our operations and we do lots of international calling – all of this is handled seamlessly by Press8’s team. In addition, we have not had a single technical issue and Press8’s team is always quick to respond … I recommend Press8 without reservation.”

Matt Polak

Broad Branch Advisors

I needed to update our office phone system and discovered that there are a lot of options when it comes to phone service for our business. I spoke with a few national providers but wasn’t able to get the level of service I was expecting.

I spoke with Martin from Press8 – he was incredibly helpful. He did an on-site visit and patiently walked me through our options. We’ve used their VoIP services for a few years now and I’d recommend them without hesitation. It’s easy for me to ignore the plethora of emails from other companies trying to convince me to switch.

Support a local business and get individualized help and assistance!

Virginia Rothenflue

I have been a long-time customer with press8, and they are outstanding when it comes to customer service, flexibility, attention to detail, and most important is their support. They will go out of their way to help in any way they can. Those are just a few of many great things I have to say about their services. I would recommend them to anyone in need of VoIP services.

Eric Black

Save money and become more productive with Press8 Telecom.

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