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[ld_icon_box i_type=”linea” heading_size=”sm” i_size=”xl” i_icon_linea=”icon-basic_settings” title=”Multiple Line Calling” icon_mb=”15″ i_color=”#02216e”]Use up to three separate accounts and business phone numbers simultaneously and switch between lines on the fly. Dial 3 and 4 digit extensions within your company while viewing visible status indicators[/ld_icon_box][ld_spacer height=”30px”]
[ld_icon_box i_type=”linea” heading_size=”sm” i_size=”xl” i_icon_linea=”icon-et-upload” title=”Company Caller-ID” i_color=”#02216e” icon_mb=”15″ css=”.vc_custom_1565210747327{padding-right: 5% !important;padding-left: 5% !important;}”]Make business calls with your smartphone without giving away your smartphone number. The person you call sees your business caller ID not your smartphone number.[/ld_icon_box][ld_spacer height=”30px”]
[ld_icon_box i_type=”linea” heading_size=”sm” i_size=”xl” i_icon_linea=”icon-basic_mixer2″ title=”Transfer Calls” i_color=”#02216e” icon_mb=”15″]Multiple call support – swap between 2 active calls, merge/split calls, transfer calls to either an extension in your organization or to an external number.[/ld_icon_box][ld_spacer height=”30px”]
[ld_icon_box i_type=”linea” heading_size=”sm” i_size=”xl” i_icon_linea=”icon-et-pricetags” title=”Works Like a Desk Phone” i_color=”#02216e” icon_mb=”15″]Our app integrates with your phone system so that you can transfer calls, answer your desk extension with your cell phone, attend shared meetings, or have a receptionist manage incoming calls.[/ld_icon_box]
[ld_icon_box i_type=”linea” heading_size=”sm” i_size=”xl” i_icon_linea=”icon-et-chat” title=”Use Cell or Wifi Network” i_color=”#02216e” icon_mb=”15″]With a Press8  smartphone APP you can make/receive phone calls using your default cellular or any local Wifi network.[/ld_icon_box]
[ld_icon_box i_type=”linea” heading_size=”sm” i_size=”xl” i_icon_linea=”icon-ion-ios-help-buoy” title=”Call Recording & Call Reporting” icon_mb=”15″ i_color=”#02216e”]When a Press8 customer makes or receives calls on the APP, the calls can be recorded and saved to the users account and accessed anytime by logging into the Press8 control panel. Call details are saved to the company phone reports.[/ld_icon_box]
[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h2″ margin=”bottom_small:0.75em”]Stay connected wherever you go.[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_fancy_heading tag=”p” use_custom_fonts_title=”true” fs=”17px” lh=”1.68em” margin=”bottom_small:2em”]With Press8 and our Smartphone APP you get HD video and Hd audio quality. Access your contacts anytime and make phone calls with your companies caller-ID.[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_button style=”btn-solid” title=”Free Quote” link_type=”lightbox” shape=”semi-round” size=”btn-sm” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fstaging.press8.com%2Ffree-quote%2F|target:_blank” fs=”15px” ls=”0.02em” css=”.vc_custom_1607720476174{margin-right: 8px !important;margin-bottom: 10px !important;padding-right: 0.75em !important;padding-left: 0.75em !important;}” hover_color=”rgb(39, 39, 39)”][ld_button style=”btn-default” title=”Requst a Call Back” shape=”semi-round” size=”btn-sm” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fstaging.press8.com%2Fcontact%2F|target:_blank” color=”rgb(228, 228, 228)” fs=”15px” ls=”0.02em” css=”.vc_custom_1607720548039{margin-bottom: 10px !important;margin-left: 8px !important;padding-right: 1em !important;padding-left: 1em !important;}” hover_color=”rgb(0, 0, 0)” text_color=”rgb(26, 28, 38)” htext_color=”rgb(255, 255, 255)”][ld_spacer]
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[ld_fancy_heading tag=”h2″ use_custom_fonts_title=”true” fs=”44px” color=”rgb(61, 53, 110)”]Frequently asked questions[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_spacer height=”15px”]

Can I use the APP in addition to my desk phone?

Yes! You can have your extension ring your desk phone first then your APP, or you can have them ring simultaneously so that you never miss a call.

Will my voicemail messages play my office voicemail greeting?

Yes. If you receive a call on your smartphone APP, the caller will hear your office voicemail greeting and the voicemail will be stored on your business phone system. You will also automatically get a transcribed voicemail with an attached .wav file to listen to. 

How much does the APP cost?

The cost of the APP is .99 cents a month or $9.99/year.

Can I check my voicemail in the APP?

Yes. You can see your voicemail and click on any of the voicemail messages to listen to them. Press8 also offers you the option to have your voicemail messages transcribed and sent to your email inbox.

How can I get this APP?

Current customers just contact support (at) press8.com and our support team will get you setup and running in no time.

Can I use the app on WiFi to save on my cell phone minutes?

Yes! Anytime you want to use WiFi instead of your cell phone network the app will automatically switch over. That way you can save on cell phone minutes on your cell phone plan.

[ld_fancy_heading tag=”p” tag_to_inherite=”h3″ use_custom_fonts_title=”true” use_inheritance=”true” fs=”40px” lh=”1.25em” fw=”700″]Save money and become more productive with Press8 Telecom.[/ld_fancy_heading][ld_spacer height=”12px”][ld_header_button ib_style=”btn-solid” ib_title=”Get a Quote” ib_transformation=”text-uppercase” ib_shape=”semi-round” ib_i_type=”fontawesome” ib_i_add_icon=”true” ib_i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-angle-right” ib_hover_color=”rgb(255, 255, 255)” ib_text_color=”rgb(255, 255, 255)” ib_htext_color=”rgb(0, 0, 0)” ib_fs=”14px” ib_css=”.vc_custom_1562102163079{padding-right: 0.5em !important;padding-left: 0.5em !important;}” ib_fw=”700″ ib_color=”#05234b” ib_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fstaging.press8.com%2Ffree-quote%2F|title:Get%20a%20Quote||”][ld_spacer]
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